Your Starting Point

Whether your new to Pilates and rehabilitation exercises or have a good familiarity with Pilates but would like more from your practice here are some videos for you.

Posture videos

These videos provide education on the correct starting postures in commonly used positions for exercise. Please review these prior to completing any of our exercises as the starting position is crucial for muscle recruitment, preventing muscle imbalance whilst strengthening and to prevent any bad habits in your practice.

Pilates fundamentals

In these videos we aim to inform of and correct common faults we see arising with exercises. It is worth reviewing these before you start any of the programs of exercises or classes provided so you can check in with yourself and correct faults as they arise. If you experience pain with any exercises please review these videos as you may be able to make adjustments that make the exercises pain free and maximally beneficial for your rehabilitation and strengthening.

Placement of props

These videos explain the correct placement for props. There is nothing worse than feeling unsteady or unsure when using a prop. We also explain the safest way of getting on or off your prop.

When is enough

As our programs are rehabilitation based the number of repetitions is person specific. This is explained in the corresponding video.