AK Physio Pilates

AK Physio Pilates is an amalgamation of physio rehabilitation techniques and the fundamentals of Pilates to provide condition specific rehab pilates to take you from diagnosis to recovery or long-term management. It also provides education and technique review for those familiar with Pilates and looking to get more from their classes.

Alex and Katie started AK Physio Pilates Rehab to combine their knowledge and skills to bring a unique take on the world of online rehabilitation. Each exercise is videotaped to allow you to follow along and learn all the cues and postures necessary to get optimal benefit from each exercise and the program as a whole. You can choose from a problem specific program designed for the common ailments we work with regularly or can book for an assessment and bespoke program to be created just for you and your individual condition and needs.

If you are familiar with Pilates you can use the fundamentals and postures videos to review your knowledge and technique so you gain more from each class you take. Alongside the rehabilitation options we have pre recorded classes you can view and use to keep up with your Pilates practice around your own schedule, anywhere in the world.

Unlike other online exercises options AK Physio Pilates Rehab allows you to interact with the instructors. Using the contact me form you can book an assessment for bespoke programming or ask questions regarding your condition or any of the exercises provided. Assessments are available in person at our Cheltenham studios or via Zoom.

We look forward to you joining us on the mat to get the most from your body and Pilates practice.